Night blindness, low reaction speed: Senior drivers have to deal with shortcomings, tend to keep their driver’s license nonetheless: What type of driving assistance systems needs to be developed, in order to maintain road safety? This topic is being research by the University of Duisburg-Essen.

Project “ALFASY” (Age appropriate driving assistance systems) gets supported with 2 Mio. Euro by the State of NRW and EU-Fonds.

There are many different kinds of driving assistance systems: Lane keeping assistance, parking assistance, emergency breaking systems or the recognition of jaywalkers. “There is only little focus on the special needs of elderly drivers”, says head of project, Prof.Dr. Heike Proff. “We research on how to develop senior driver friendly assistance system, which will be accepted and used by the target group. “

The first part of the project is a survey among 150 participants of an age older than 50, to develop fitting prototyped. As reference group, 30-40-year-old drivers are wanted. The study will take place in a real car.