ALFASY (age-based driver assistance systems) – a project sponsored by the province NRW and the EU Download Flyer (german)

Brief description

The research project „Altersgerechte Fahrerassistenzsysteme (ALFASY)“ (age-based driver assistance systems) is a project sponsored by the province NRW and the EU, which is executed by the University of Duisburg-Essen, Ford, HEAD acoustics and Allround Team. This project participates in the competition for „Leitmarktwettbewerb MobilitätLogistik.NRW“ of the agency „LeitmarktAgentur.NRW“.

Purpose of the project is the development, the installation and the empiric verification of age-based acoustic driver assistance system, which is fitted to the needs of the steadily growing group of “senior drivers” – a group of drivers older than 50 years. An important goal of the research is to provide technology that proves to be useful and profitable for the car industry. The driver assistance system needs to comply with current requirements regarding technology, safety, comfort and design. It is one step further in the direction of reaching the goal of autonomous driving.

Therefore, in the setting of an empiric study, 150 subjects above the age of 50 shall be analyzed in the driving simulator at the University of Duisburg-Essen and then in a real test vehicle.

News – 02/01/2018

The first test series has been completed successfully and we are excited to announce the next test series very soon! Until now 436 subjects have participated in the study. Thank you for your interest in ALFASY!

On January 31st of 2018 the project team met to discuss the first milestone. The previous devolution of the study has been very successful.